Larry’s Towing & Recovery has been in business over 30 years and is fully insured. “I can recover about anything that needs to be recovered. And if it needs moved, we can move it.” — Larry Bauer


larryLarry & Debra Bauer

Larry Bauer is a nationally certified Master Tower (level 2-certification wrecker driver) and is the Tri-Lakes Area’s choice when it comes to towing and recovery. Larry is also on the NASCAR Wrecker Circuit.

“I like the bigger stuff. Anything that is a challenge is what I like to do. I also like the emergency roadside service. When someone is broke down on the side of the road, they are upset. They are having a bad day. It’s our job to make it better.”

Larry began working at Table Rock Tire Center (now Kimberling City Tire) in 1976, just one year after the business opened. When the Tire Center was sold in 1980, a wrecker service was included. Larry became manager in 1988, then with wife Debra, purchased the business in 1992.

Today, the 24-hour wrecker service includes 1 four-wheel-drive rollback, 1 medium duty rollback, 2 service trucks, and 1 heavy duty wrecker. “We are proud of where we have gotten to,” says Larry.